Looks like I'm addicted again, this time to lolita clothes...

I've purchased 2 OPs just this month and now need to track down accessories.

This will be fun!
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Update... At last!

Right... So apparently it's been 2 years since my last update, so I suppose I should write something...
I have a new job, have moved through 2 houses and gotten a new cat...
I'm in training to be a team leader, I'm going to be a maid of honour and am going to Japan next year...
I still love my musicals, books and fanfiction...
I have literally fallen into the Glee!verse and fallen in love with the characters, especially Kurt - love!
Umm... anything else? I think I've hit the highlights...
I will try to post more, but we all know how that turned out last time...

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Air Gear: The Musical....

Now, I love the Air Gear anime, the manga's gone a bit stupid but I wasn't sure what the musical would be like. I finally got my hands on a copy with subs and it's not bad!
I have to say, the kid they got to play Akito/Agito is just great! He's soooo cute I just want to keep him!
I liked the songs and the fact that half of the show is done on modified roller blades is pretty cool.
I'm not sure what to make of the new team they created for the musical though... They all seem just a bit *too* gay if it's possibe...
Anyways... I'm off to watch it again!
Ja Ne!

The reason Emily should not be allowed to watch Japanese Musicals...

Right, so I'm a Tennis no Oujisama fan, no doubt there, but when I heard there was a musical based on the anime, I was a bit sceptical to say the least.
I vowed never to watch it but then my stupid morbid sense of curiosity kicked in when I found a torrent for 'Dream Live 1.' I decided 'What's the harm? It's one musical and I can at least get a good laugh out of it.' So I downloaded it...
Then I watched it and and that was that, I had to have the rest! I was so impressed at the level of characterisation shown, the entire cast just *nailed* their parts!
I discovered, via Wikipedia, that there is around *15* Tennis no Oujisama musicals! So, now I have to go and find them all, with subs, just to see if I scored the one good one there is!
There were some interesting stories that came out of this musical, and one really inspiring one: Kotaro Yanagi, the kid who played Echizen Ryoma, the main character, was involved in a car accident 3 weeks before the start of the second production. He sustained serious bone injuries, damaged his vocal cords and was in a coma for 2 weeks. When he woke up, the doctors were sure he would spend the rest of his life bed-bound. He kind of went, 'FU' and fought back to the point where he took back his role, with a lot of help and he was really good, even with the revised choreography and vocals. I was so inspired when I read this. Here was this kid, my age (he is exactly 12 days younger then me), and he's been through so much to get back to where he wants to be. I think we can all learn something from him!
But onto the good stuff! I noticed that one character, Fuji, seemed to 'hog' the whole last song and I wanted to know why... Turns out 'Make You Free' is the third end song for the Tennis no Oujisama anime, and it was sung by a guy called Kimeru...who happens to play Fuji... The next thing I know, I'm hooked and need to find the rest of his stuff... 3 albums, countless singles and the gods knows how many Youtube videos later, I almost have everything and am now looking into importing his CDs from Japan...
I really need to learn! I think I won't like something and the next minute I'm shelling out money for it...
You'd think I'd learn after Westlife...

Update because I finally can!

Hello all! As I finally have the Internet and it's not going any where, I figured I should update since apparently I haven't since last July... Sorry!
As for what's been going on, I've finally moved out of my mothers house and into my own, with two house mates - AV and Shads - and it's going well so far. No sign of a house warming party yet but that will come when the house gets sorted out, ATM there's stuff everywhere!
I'm screenings co-ord for Manifest again this year, so I've been kept busy with that. You have no idea how much work goes into putting a convention together!
I have discovered the grand world of torrents and have about 12 torrents set to go when it hits off-peak time.
At Animania Melbourne, my cosplay group won 'Best Group Cosplay' -  not that it was hard. We were Group 3 of four. We were a Tsubasa group with the main four characters - Quarnz as Kurogane, Matt as Shaoran, Leanne as Sakura and me as Fai - The othe three groups were all Naruto. Like I said, not hard to win! Plus it didn't hurt that we paired off into the main pairings because in real life we are!
Um... I think that's all I have to say at the moment... I'll update more often now, I promise!

Ja Ne!
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Expo talk

I 'volenteered' to speak at an expo promoting Information Communications and Technology yesterday... I completely screwed it up, just like I knew I would, but that might be because I wrote my 'speech' in the car park 5 minutes before....

I did meet some cool people though... I had a lovely argument with one of the other panelistd, David, about Final Fantasy. We were both saying there was only 1 movie, me saying Advent Children and him saying Gaia, turns out we were both wrong... oh well!

Today we had 7 hours of the same teacher, and he likes to talk! We have lots of work to do and nowhere near enough time! 

I'm going to go read now... I have to get the awful memories out of my head...

Ja ne!

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Well! What can I say but I rule?! 

Everything I have said would happen in the 7th HP book came true!!! I knew Sev wasn't the evil bastard the lot of you thought he was!!!

I'm going to read it again now, cos apparently I missed something, but I don't think so!!


First Post!

Yay! I've had this account for Kami knows how long and have only just got around to posting!

Hmmm... How does one go about uploading pics...? I could have some fun then!

More later, when I actually think of something to write! :)

Ja ne!


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